€ 795,-

Ansuz Acoustics Powerbox DTC. Low voltage system for the D2 en DTC cables . Some user-marks. NP 3000 euro.

The Ansuz Powerbox is designed to be the necessary low voltage power supply for all D·TC Interconnects, and a big upgrade for the mains system, as it also adds a lot of Ansuz NSC® and ATC® technology to the power-system. Even without any need for the low voltage, the Powerbox will be a great upgrade for any Audio/video system. Together with Ansuz D-2, and  D·TC cable series the Powerbox will be a huge upgrade as it can turn the interconnects and speaker wires from passive to active operation.

The Ansuz Powerbox has the best grounding and resonance control in the market.Ansuz Powerbox can provide individual power for up to 14 D·TC or D-2 cables separated in three groups; analogue, digital & phono.

  • Line connections for 4×2 cables
  • Phono connections for 2 cables
  • Digital connections for 4 cables.
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