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Von Schweikert VR-4 JR luidsprekers in zwarte uitvoering. Indrukwekkende luidspreker met een bescheiden afmeting. originele data-link kabels aanwezig. Enige gebruikssporen.


Type: Dynamic-driver four-way loudspeaker system using a triple-chambered transmission line and two-piece stacking enclosure system.

Woofer Tuning: The triple-chambered transmission line is a hybrid design composed of three separate chambers coupled to the room by a tuned vent at 25 Hz. The chamber filling is acoustic foam and Dacron.

Cabinet and Bracing: A one-inch thick front baffle and internal damping consisting of thick acoustic felt lining and Dacron stuffing. Large carpet spikes are provided.

Driver Complement: a pair of 7″ mica-cellulose poly-laminate woofers, one 7″ carbon mica-cellulose poly-laminate midrange driver, one 1″ poly-tri-laminate silk-dome tweeter, one 1″ rear firing ambience mid/tweeter with fabric dome and transmission-line loading. All drivers use our proprietary Advanced Motor System with low distortion design.

Crossover: Acoustic fourth order, at 200 Hz and 2.2 kHz, optimized for flat off-axis response and phase consistency over a wide Global Axis.

Binding Posts: Double sets of five-way rhodium posts enabling bi-wiring. Single wire can be used with optional Data Link connector.

Ambience Driver: 1″ treated fabric dome with Wave Guide and transmission-line rear wave loading. Ambience circuit uses Dimensional Control (effects level) to compensate for room acoustics and soundstage depth. Provides a Global Axis polar response pattern to simulate live musical reproduction.

Frequency Response: 23Hz to 20kHz (+/- 2dB)

Impedance: 6 ohms avg. (4 ohms 20 Hz-150 Hz; 8 ohms 150 Hz-20 kHz).

Recommended Power: 20 watts up to 300 watts music power.

Sensitivity: 89dB/W/m

Size: Midrange/Tweeter (12.5″h x 8″w x 20″d). Woofer (25.25″h x 8″w x 20″d). System (38.5″h x 8″w x 20″d).

Weight: Woofer module: 52 lbs. M/T module: 26 lbs. System: 78 lbs. each (up to 128 lbs. each with lead shot).

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